Home FLubup Goes to Town to meet Hennry
1 -How Flubup started Painting
2 -  FLubup meets Hennry
3 -Flubup Sends Dianne to College
4 - Flubup Over Sprays Army Tanks
5 - What Dianne Did at School Sweet
6 - Never Yell Doggonit
7 - Flubup Paints Water Tower
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Flubup and his dog Duke went to town to meet henery.
 and see if he could give him some pointers about being a painter.
Flubup got in to caldwell and started looking for henery. Not sure where to find him so he went by the paint store,
 they said he is out at kellys Taveran. Oh" said Flubup" He's not in the bar,  he is painting there sign out front.
Ok. So Flub headed down main street and their he was Hennery was on a tall step ladder that was in the bed of his truck
reaching up and painting the sign. Flubup thought to him self, That's Great idea.
Flubup got of his truck and watch him paint, soon Hennery came down and walked up to Flubup. Hey you Spuds boy? Yes sir.
 That's a pretty brite van! You a painter now? Yes sir" I hoping you will teach me how to paint.
Hennery said: You want to work for me this week. Yes sir I do. Well back your truck up to that sign and put that
ladder on top of it.That way we can reach the peak. Just tie a rope around your waist and to the sign, just in case. Case of what?
 If you fall." Not me I got 3 exstention ladders tied to geather to get to my tree house. Never fell off the ladder,
 Did fall out the back of the tree house on to a limb about 10 feet down  Doctor said I was real lucky I did not fall clear to the ground
its about 45 feet up to my tree house of that old box elder tree in my back yard.
Good you got experience for sure said Hennery.
Flubup was up at the top of his ladder on top of the truck and was dripping paint all over then the piece of string he used
to tie his paint bucket. broke  and it fell to the ground and splattered every ware.  Hennery yeled  Paint the sign not the ground  .
Flubup came down  and got a hose and wash the paint down the street gutter  .Cleaned up pretty good  just see a stain in the sidewalk
so he god some dirt and through it on it. ( like the rain would not wash it off )  But for now it looked good. 
 Hennery said I will call you when I need you again. Thanks said Flubup

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