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4 - Flubup Over Sprays Army Tanks
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It was late September and Flubup got a call from the Armory, and they said they needed some yellow stripes painted
around the perimeter of the tank yard.
Yes sir " So he met Army Sargent Sam Johnson down at the Armory and he showed him what he wanted. So Flubup said
"Yes Sir and then saluted the Sargent . The Sargent said" I am not an officer.
 " Don't you know th differance? No sir " they said I could not be in the army cause, I had to have a higher IQ.
 Didn't know what IQ ment, but I figured they were pretty smart, to know that by just talking to me,
 instead of any test or something
. But now I get to be an Army painter for a while.
Ok I will have them stripes painted by Monday "Flubup said.

 Monday morning Flubup went down to Home Depo and bought 5 gals of  Yellow Striping paint. Headed to the Armory.
 He pulled up and set his Pump up and was getting ready to spray  then remember that he had to mark off
 the distance of the stripes. and yea" get the lines stright. So he got out his string and he would lay down the string and
 spray right down the middle of the string. And just be real carful to keep it straight.
He starter to spray and he was getting close to the end when his painting hose got stuck ,
I only got two more feet to go so he tugged real hard on the hose ,
and it popped a tear in it, and it started to shoot yellow paint globs all over the tanks.
 He ran and shut the pump off. "What a mess. "But He thought the yellow spots looks good on those green tanks. "Camouflage"
Well he started to get depressed and The light bulb came on . So he hooked up a couple of
 garden hoses and started to wash off the yellow paint. O" No It's not working  what's wrong.
He went over an started reading the can under Clean up.  Opps " he reads Clean up MEK, ( Methyl ethyl ketone )
 Now" he was sitting on his bumper and petting his dog Duke. And Duke had yellow paint all over him. He was just about to cry.
Then he heard a noise behind him yelling Flubup" Flubup" is that you Flubup. Yes as he look . It was hs old friend Gueber.
Geber How you doing? And they gave each other a big old hug. Guber said " Look at thoes tanks the
General is comming Monday, to inspect the Armory and he is going to send you to the front lines.
 Flubup said "I know" but I don' t what to do. Then Gueber said I know what to do.
You Do"  Yes Go down into town and go to the army surplus store and buy 2 cases of that Army Green touch up paint.
 We use it all the time to touch up these tanks. So Flubup and Duked headed in to town .Got the Green paint, and him and Gueber , who was off work now  touched up those tank . Not to bad said Gueber when they were done. But I don't know about those stripes. Wern't you supposed to have a Templet, so the stripe would have a straight edge or a Paint Gun tip for stripes.. Is that what Great Western Painting does?
 They have Templates and expert spray tips, that don't need a template.Gueber said"  In fact they have a spray machine
that you can sit on and paint 2 stripes at one time..
 I got the best tips you can get at Home Depo said Flubup. Guber "said I think you have to go
 to a real paint store. "Yea your right. I head Great Western Painting  did a job at Wallmart in Boise and it looked real good said Flubup..
 Mabe the General won't notice.You Think.

To Be Continued