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1 -How Flubup started Painting
2 -  FLubup meets Hennry
3 -Flubup Sends Dianne to College
4 - Flubup Over Sprays Army Tanks
5 - What Dianne Did at School Sweet
6 - Never Yell Doggonit
7 -  Flubup Paints Water Tower
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There was Flubup sitting at the park with his dog Duke. He looks over and sees
this painting company painting this water tower " WOW
He thinks to himself I want to do that. So he gets in his van and he drives over to where the water tower is.
Their must be 10 painters on this job. They were sandblasting,  Using ropes to climb the tower and a tall Lift .
 So he walked up to one of the painters  Howdy" My name is Flubup are you the boss. No" he  is over there by the truck that says"
Utah Tank Painting  He walks over to where the truck is and talks to the boss. Hi Iam Flubup of Flubup painting.
How you doing? Well  My name is Patrick . Its good to meet you. How can I help you. Well I want to learn how to paint a water tower.
That's a big job said Pat. It's a lot harder then it looks. Yea it looks fun".said Flubup .Patrick said "You scared of heights? No Sir"  I put my tall ladder on top of my van and climb right up there.paint all day, even sometimes.I have Jeff move the truck while I hold on.
Jeff is a real good painter of mine
.Good driver too. I learned how to climb ropes in gym when I was in school. Patrick just grined.
Well you welcome to watch, Just stay behind the yellow caustion tape. Yes Sir. Flubup hung around for a while and then decided. I think I have learned enough to tackle a job like this  I'm going to go find Jeff, I think he is looking for his dog. Spotter wander off 
 like he always does. yesterday.
Spotter and Duke have been friends for long time. he got his name cause he could spot a cat 200 yards away.
Flubup was talking to himself,  how does Great Western Painting get thoes Water towers to paint?
 Mabe they have an ad in the news paper . Hey I got an Idea they got an old water tower down on
Clark's rd. over by the tavern. So he drove down their and looked at the tower
It sure need's painting I think. I will go in the tavern and ask who owns it.
 The Bar tender said "old sam owns it he stores water for his cows for the summer months ,when water is scarce around here. He lives about a mile up the road next to the tank. Thanks. Flubup turned and headed for the door when some one said is that you Flubup.Yes sir" As he turned and saw Sammy. Flubup said What happned to your leg?
I did something stupid" I tryed to jump on a moving train and missed the ladder and fell on the track and it ran over my leg.and cut it off. The only reason i am alive is old Tucker saw what happned and rushed me to the vet. The Vet" yea the doctor was off fishing. said Sammy. Sit down Flubup I buy you a beer" Thanks Sammy.
Sammy ask Flubup"  What you doing down here? I'm going up to Sams and see if he will let me paint that rusty old water tower.
Hey He's a nice feller.and it's sure is an eye sore. said Sammy.  Well he drank his beer and drove up to old Sams house.
There was Sam out milking his cows in the barn. Good afternoon Sam, my name is Flubup  from caldwell Idaho.You Spuds boy?
 Yes Sir"  How is he doing.? Good said Flubup.What can I do for you?  I came up to ask if I
 could Paint that old water tower for you. That old Water tower "Yes Sir . Iam a Painting contractor now" How much are you going to charge me. Never thought about that! Flubup said.What do you think Sam? Well I got a drum of lead base Red oxcide paint you can use. It will cover over that rust. You just need to wash off all the dust on it. Ok and I have an old water truck with a big 25 hourse pump. Shoot water clear to the top. That sound great. You just have to be carefull climing on that tank. I will I promisespoke Flubup. I tell you what I will give you $500 dollors and your Dad that old bull he ask me about last year. Ok He would love that .He wants that bull you got. and Jeff is going to help me.
 Ok I will give him $200 dollors. Thank you Sam. I come over Saterday and get started." Ok see you then Flubup.
Flubup got a hold of Jeff and told him about the Water tower. Jeff met Flubup at the tower  in his old chevy truck with
 Spotter his dog in toe. Spotter and Duke  saw each other and began barking and running and chasing each other
 like you would'ent belive. Jeff drove Flubup to Sam's and filled up the water truck, then Sam showed Flubup how to start the pump.
 "Done deal said  Flubup and headed back to the Water tower.
Well they washed that old tower it was a mess. it was dirty and before you know it they had a bunch of
mud puddles every where. Old Duke and Spotter were the dirtest dog  this side of the mississippi.
Why the tower was drying they were trying to figure how to stir up that drum of paint.
Been sitting for years and the oil on top.I got an Idea said Flubup Lay it on its side and they did
"Now lets role it untill it mixes. Jeff could'ent belive it ' Your the smartest painter I know "he said to Flubup
Well you don't no any other painters Jeff. Well I guess that makes you the Dummest  painter I know too.
They laughts till they cryed. "Then Jeff said I know a painter!!
 Hennery  and he is smart . I know it. said Flubup. So I guess it still make you the dummest painter I know. Flubup said Stop"
 Your killing me I can't laught any more and they just stared laufing again. Time to get serious said Flubup. Jeff said
"How we going to get to the top? Well I guess Climb.. Just about then here come a  white pickup. It was Sammy. "Howdy Sammy.
You got any Ideas in how we can get to the top easier then climbing? He look for a minute and said Jeff jump in got an idea.
They were gone about an hour. Here they come, Sammy in his pickup and Jeff on a tractor. Ok here is
what we do Flubup climb up to the top and bolt down this old logger Pully, Then we will  tie a rope to you and back down to the tractor and now we can pull you up and down while you paint. Man "That a good Idea. Then Flubup said  " I don't no how much
 I can pay you for helping us.. Sammy said no woories"
  When I lost my leg .I got a lawyer" Willy Tucker. and he sued the train company because they were going to fast through town .
So I get disibility payment for life. "Wow" thats great said Flubup. Well Iam sorry you lost your leg thoe.
Samme said Don't feel bad and least I got a good leg to kick the Dog. They all Laugh and Laugh"  Sammy was a great guy.
Every thing was going pretty good, Sammy was on the tractor and pulling Flubup up and down the tank,
  Flub had a roller on a long pole.  Then Flubup looked down from the top of the tower and on the ground was a bunch of guys from the tavern Laughing and making fun of him. He didn't care" He was a professional painter he thought to him self. But.he still was self concions  and was not paying attintion and knocked his 5 gallon bucked about half full over and stright down the tower. The paint was hitting the cross beams and splatting every where. and going all over Jeff and Spotter and Duke. One of the guys from the bar yelled
 Hey" Now I know why they call tha dog  Spotter  "They need to change his name to Pokadot. Here Pokadot" Come here Pokadot.
 Every body was rooling on the ground lafting and having fun at the exspence of Flubup's  "" Flubup.
Well sammy yelled at his frinnds Get out of here We got worked to do. They headed back to the bar to have another
drink and make fun of thoes painters. It took about a week for Flubup and his men to paint that tower and
 about 3 days to clean up the paint mess. Jeff keep saying these laquar fumes we are using to clean up with. are making me dizzy.
 I got an Idea We were up at the lake last week swimming, and Sparkey left his smimming mask in the van I will go get it.
He handed it to jeff he put it on. He sure looked funny with that mask on and all that red paint in his hair when
 Flubup knocked over that bucket of paint. It works real good said Jeff.
Sam came down and said you boys  made that old water tower Look good. Flubup your a good painter here is your money .
I added $200 more. Cause you did a nice job. Then Sam said to Sammy" Your a good man Helping these misfits out.
Come on up tonight Sammy to the house we have some of that dark beer my brother Gilbert gave me Ok Thanks said Sammy .Who had been friends with Sam for years. As Flubup drove off .He looked back at that tower and said
 Look out boys.Water Tower Painter is in town.
o be continued