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3 -Flubup Sends Dianne to College
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 It was a brisk morning in Caldwell, ID and Flubup was feeling blue.
 Tomorrow was the day he would have to drop off his daughter, Dianne, at college. Flubup knew that she was going to be feeling
real sad the first couple of days away from home, so he sat with his dog Duke and tried to think up a way to cheer her up some.

Now Flubup was not a great thinker, but he was good at one thing...painting.  He knew that sometimes just a little paint in a bright color
 can make something that feels sad into something really happy.
  "Hot Dog!" he said to Duke, scratching him behind the ears.
"I have just the solution!" Flubup knew he would need some help from his friends so he called over to
Premium Coatings of Texas, and asked to speak to Caitlin. "This is Caitlin," she answered,
"what can I help you with today Flubup?" Flubup explained that his daughter Dianne would be heading to college, and he wanted to do something to cheer her up. Caitlin understood completely, and listened while Flubup explained his plan.

He wanted to order some paint in a bright color, and sneak over to the college. He would re-paint Dianne's boring old dorm room,
 so that when she arrived she would be greeted by a cheerful color that would remind her of home, and of her Daddy.
"That sounds like a great plan," said Caitlin, "and I have the perfect paint for you.
Do you know if the paint will be going over wood?
 Or will you be using one of Premium Coatings of Texas' primers?" Flubup told Caitlin that he was pretty sure he didn't need a primer,
 rather he just wanted 3 gallons of latex paint in a bright pink color." "You got it" said Catilin! "I'll even bring it out to you myself,
 since you have been such a great customer and friend!" So Caitlin packed up the 3 gallons of bright pink paint and hopped on a plane to go meet Flubup.
  Flubup picked Caitlin up at the airport in his yellow painting van.
His Dog , Duke, was sitting shotgun
 and Flubup had to tempt him with a bone to get in the backseat so that Caitlin could get in the car.
 Once she got in they headed out to the college to paint the dorm room. Caitlin and Flubup worked the rest of the day to paint the boring old dormroom. When they were done it had been transformed from drab and dreary into a work of art. Premium Coatings of Texas'
bright pink latex paint was shiny and beautiful, and the room was fit for a princess. Satisfied,
 Flubup and Caitlin headed back to the van. They stopped and had some dinner with Flubups friends and his wife Mable.
 After dinner, Mable took Cailtin to the airport so that Flubup could get to his next painting job.
 Mable promised to send pictures of Dianne's reaction when she saw her new dorm room. She gave Caitlin a hug and said,
 "Thank you so much for coming out here, and fly safely on the way home."

The next day Flubup woke up early to pack up all of Dianne's stuff in the van. He was so proud of how smart his little girl was.
 He hoped she would get her business degree, and come back after college to help run the business.
Some of Flubups customers had already started referring to Dianne as "The Princess of Paint.
It sure made Flubup proud to know his little girl already knew just as much about paint as he did.
The whole family squished in the van to take Dianne to college. On the trip there, Flubup couldn't wait to see Dianne's
 reaction when she saw her newly painted dorm room.
  They arrived at the college and the whole family trooped upstairs
with Dianne's suitcases in tow.
 She put the key in the door, and Mabel got ready with the camera.
 Diane swung open the door, and yelled out "OH NO WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!
" Flubup stepped into the room and looked around...all of the beautiful pink latex paint
 had fallen off the walls and was lying on the floor. "Oh no" said Flubup "I don't know what happened!
 I painted your dorm room pink
as a surprise, and when we left last night it looked beautiful. I can't imagine what went wrong!
" Flubup looked so sad that his plan had not worked, but just then Dianne started laughing...
"Oh Daddy," she said "Did you use latex paint?"
 "Well of course" said Flubup looking perplexed.then added Caitlin said I need to prime it first  "Daddy", said Diane, still laughing
"You can't use latex paint over oil based paint!
 It will only last a couple hours and then it will slide right off!" Dianne was laughing so hard that the whole family joined in.

Even Flubup had to have a laugh...he wasn't even surprised that Dianne had the answer...
after all they didn't call her the Princess of Paint for nothing! As Dianne Winked at Caitlin. and Caitlin  "she just smiled.

Story Writen by 

Caitlin Emmerich   Operations Manager  Premium Coatings of Texas
900 Blue Mound Rd E Haslet, Tx 76052
(o) 817.439.5200 (c) 916.220.5741
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