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Well my dad was a farmer in caldwell idaho Mom  called him Tub He was rather large. Now he would get
 mad if we called him Tub. He would yell at us "what did you call me?  so we would say "Spud. and after a few beating from him not bying
our story. we would not call him tub anymore Instead  my brother Jeff and I  would just call him Spud.
Now my brother Jeff liked to farm, milk cows  get chickin eggs, drive the tractor and plow the fields. I hated farming.
I was about 12 and got an idea! I went out to the barn and cut off the end of dads plow horses tail and got a stick and
wraped some wire around the hair and stick and made a paint brush. I thought my dad was gunna go through the roof
 He chased me clear in to the next county. Don't you ever touch my mule.
So the next morning I snuck out to the barn and found an old can of red lead barn paint and pained the out house.
boy I was prowd it look good. so I new then I was gunna be the biggest best painter in idaho.
so the next day I got my little sisters wagon and put my brush in it,I found some more old paint. put it in their
 and dads old roof ladder. headed down to Uncle Pets farm with my dog Duke. Pete had a real pretty daughter name was Roberta, but
 we called her bobby, cause she could ride a buckin horse and throw bull to the ground, tie it's back leg to it's horn
She was the toughest kid in school . I seen her wip that bully billy one time after school. Yea we laughed till she seen us
boy we ran for miles.one time we were playing horse shows  and brought of that story about her wipping billy
and she threw that shoe an hit me in the leg, I limped for a month.
I pulled my wagon into the barn yard  and Out of the house came Bobby. I never said to her,
 but she had the pretiest pig tails you ever saw. Well her dad came out of the barn ,said what you doing Flubup?
I started painting, gonna start a painting company. Well that is real smart of you Flubup. Mabe old Hennry in town
 can teach you something about being a painter .He painted the court house back when he was just out of the army
 He had to work off  his fine for starting a brawl at the rodeo Been painting ever sience.
Yea Mabe he could hire a good painter like me. What do you think can I paint your barn or out house or Merdles kitchen
My wife aint gonna let you in the house with paint Flubup. But I tell you what you help me paint that barn
 I will trade you somthing. Ok said Flubup, What is it ? Go look behind that shed , You remenber that old yellow van.
 Yes  the van that Duke was born in ? Yea that one ,it needs some work but I will help you to get it started" Yes sir said Flubup
It's a deal.  ok you come down saterday morning and we will get started "Said Pete.
Bobby turned to Flubup and said "I will make you some of my pancakes.and bring you lemonade. O boy that would be great.
So Pete and Flubup started painting right after Flubup wolfed about 10 flatcakes that bobby had made.
So Flubup  lived up to his name . about 2 hours after they got started  bobby came around the corner of the barn
yelling PaPa  "Help"  Flubup knocked over the ladder and the can of paint spilled right on top of his head.
 So pete came around the cornor and their was Flubup head covered with red barn paint.
 he had fell back in to the pile of  hay. which stuck to the paint. He look just like a scare crow. so Pete helped him up and
 took him in to the barn and got a bucket of paint thinner and bobby washed out the red paint out of his hair and face .
He had red paint all over his arms and hands clothes. Pete could see the writing on the wall.
They cleaned up Flubup and  had some lunch. Pete said  Flubup You are a real painter,
 I tell you what let's spend the rest of the day and get that old yellow van running.and we will finish painting later"
 OK " Yes Sir"  thanks Pete. Pete took and old battery from the tractor. and a little wreaching,
thay got that old van running. Yep The happest part of the day was seeing the tail lights of Flubups new van
turning on to the old river road.  Bobby ran up to PaPa and through her arms around him and said
 Thank you for being so nice to Flubup. Pete just siged and went back to the barn Tell your mother Mable hello fur us
That next week Flubup called his frient in SLC Utah,  who owned a custom car shop called  MRLowrider
and pat owns the car in the movie  Napoleon Dynamite. He ask pat if I have enough money by next month,
could he come down and have you help fix some dents and repaint his new Van.and ride in the Car.
Pat Said Sure" Just Call first because he was meeting with his California Industrial Painting divisional
forman about painting a chemical plant In california.
He went down to Pat's car shop and pat helped him fix his van and painted it and put his name on the van " Flubup Painting
Flubup was so hapy He now was a Idaho Painting Contractor.
 He drove home .And that is how Flub got starter as a fFlubup Painter.
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