Home Never Yell Doggonit  " When something Happans "
1 -How Flubup started Painting
2 -  FLubup meets Hennry
3 -Flubup Sends Dianne to College
4 - Flubup Over Sprays Army Tanks
5 - What Dianne Did at School Sweet
6 - Never Yell Doggonit
7 -  Flubup Paints Water Tower
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  What does it mean?  Well this happned to Flubup  Had no Idea this could happen
Flubup spilled spill some paint or the floor. First thing he did is
  YELL DOGGONIT. What happens?  The home owner  Betty hears it . Oh no something is wrong.  something serious has happened. she come running, into the room and she look and see this puddle of paint on the kitchen linoleum floor.  Betty "YELLS You have ruined  my floor! You will have to replace it. Now what.Flubup try's to explain it to her, It will clean up and you won't even see it. NO "NO "NO you ruined it, and she storms out. Flubup can't believe it!!!!   Why did I Yell DOGGONIT???? I could of just cleaned it up. Too late "OPPS" The sad thing is Flubup never had a clue that this happens.  Because people are looking for any thing FREE
So he clean it up. Its a linoleum floor Stain Resistance. When Betty's husband comes home. you hear her telling him down the hall, how these painters are destroying her home, they have ruined the kitchen floor. O" Brother You got to be kidding  Their goes any profit I were going to make right out the window. Around the corner comes Fred her husband. He looks down on the floor" I don't see any thing" his wife points to where the paint was Can't you see it? Right there It's ruined.Flubup  is  speechless. Then Fred says to his wife Have you been drinking ? There is nothing there.  Flubup  speak up"  being an honnest fellow and say to Fred  "Yes Sir I spilled some latex paint on the floor  and It cleaned right up. Don't worry about it looks fine. spoke Fred. and the kitchen and cabinet look beautiful. His wife storms out of the kitchen.  So now Flubup is thinking  Boy" got out of that one. I'm never going to  yell DOGGONIT again and make sure my guys  aren't either. So is that the end of the story "Sorry" Now Flubup has to finish the rest of the house with Fred's wife watching your every move. and inspecting everything making sure their is no paint on it. Yes it is true when you get an image in your mind, It t may never go away. Proof  a couple of weeks later tFlubup painting was gone. Fred's wife had some of her friends over to play cards, She said look the painters have ruined my floor See that stain. In her mind it will never go a way. And her friends no her well and she is never going to let it go . So they agree with her" You should of made him replace the whole kitchen floor. What's that painters name I will never use him.It's Flubup. I know him. That tell alot" 
 So flub up learns a lession! Which will be to his advantage" Because he always live's up to his name Flubup
Yep I ain't never going to YELL DOGGONIT.

 Robert "